We were thrilled to discover the Children's Business Fair, an event that provides children with a unique opportunity to experience the world of startups. During the fair, young entrepreneurs develop a brand, create marketing strategies, and set up shop for a day. Unfortunately, the event was in danger of being canceled. Joshway partnered with the Children's Business Fair to ensure it went as planned.

On October 20th, the Children's Business Fair occurred on a beautiful and crisp day at Lone Lane Park in Allentown, PA. The event coincided with Upper Macungie Township's Trick or Treat Trail, creating an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. Young entrepreneurs set up their booths and eagerly presented their innovative business ideas. Each had a story to share, an idea to pitch, and products to sell.

Joshway Nonprofit played an active role in the fair, from planning to execution. It was deeply involved in teaching financial literacy and ensuring that all young participants had the needed resources. Our commitment to empowering youth was evident as we watched them absorb, learn, and grow throughout the event.

What sets the Children's Business Fair apart is its mission to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in young minds. It's not just about selling products; it's about learning business fundamentals, understanding value, and, most importantly, believing in one's potential.

The fair was a resounding success, with a diverse range of businesses, overwhelming community support, and media attention that was a testament to its impact. But our journey doesn't end here. We're already preparing for the next fair and are excited to meet more young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

Partnering with the Children's Business Fair has provided Joshway an excellent opportunity to further our mission of empowering youth. It was a day of inspiration, learning, and celebration, and we thank Dilia and the Children's Business Fair for letting us participate in this fantastic initiative.

We had several memorable moments during the event that we'd like to share. One of those moments occurred during our "lunch and learn" session, where we asked young participants to provide feedback by answering the question, "What did we learn today?". One young participant's insightful response stood out: "Focus on my needs vs. my wants." Our team resonated with this, showing they understood our budgeting lesson.

This event also highlighted Joshway's growing connection with the community. Another particularly touching moment was when a young entrepreneur presented us with delicious baked goods to show appreciation for the "lunch and learn" session. These gestures and the participants' eagerness to attend similar events in the future demonstrate the lasting impact of our efforts.

We are excited to continue engaging with the community and building strong relationships with the people we serve. With such enthusiasm and support, the future is bright for more meaningful community engagements. We also want to express our gratitude to Shift4 and the volunteers who came out and made this day special. To learn more about Shift4, feel free to visit https://www.shift4.com/. We'd also like to thank Members 1st Credit Union for providing our financial literacy. It was their support that helped make this event a success. To learn more about the business fair, visit their website at https://thenannyloft.org/childrens-business-fair/.

Join us in our mission to empower more young minds. You can get involved by volunteering or contributing to make a difference. With your support, we can shape a brighter future. Don't forget to follow us on social media and look at our products on this site. All proceeds from sales will go directly to Joshway initiatives after the cost of goods and related overheads. You can also donate to our cause by clicking here. Thank you for choosing to support our mission.



Date 10/25/2023

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